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Huge Choice

 Animated Short Film | 3m 3s | 2021

#Indie-Animation #animated poem

The animation is based on Joseph Brodsky's poem „Don't leave the Room“, shows a surrealistic reality in which the main character is faced with the choice of a room. At first glance, the choice of rooms is quite large, but in fact, all rooms turn out to be pieces of one large cake.

Animated film is dedicated to the theme of the lack of choice and deceit hidden behind tasty piece of cake.

Book design for "Mond Buch" : Текст



  • PÖFF Shorts

  • Kasseler DOK Fest

  • Cadence Video Poetry Festival

  • Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival

  • International Animation Festival Chilemonos 

  • 11th International Video Poetry Festival

  • Dresden Filmfest


  •  Short Tiger Award 2023

  •  Adaptation Award ( Cadence Video Poetry Festival 2022 )

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