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July 2021

Joint exhibition with Yelyzaveta Blikharska and Sadik Deniz Akman. This exhibition covered the topic of sexuality, nudity and body acceptance. We made an exhibition dedicated to this intimate topic, because we like to create objects that have a function and at the same time are able to surprise people and perhaps even shock. We love unusual things, and we would like the topic of nudity, sex and genitals to be more socially acceptable, and such decorative elements as vases in the form of male genitals or boxes in the form of a vulva were not something vile and vulgar for people, but were perceived with a smile and pleasant surprise.

#Стихи #стишочки


October 2019

Exhibition #Стихи #стишочки is a joint exhibition of poetry with Sonja Krasavtseva in Kiev. The exhibition was held in an unusual format: the poems were decorated like paintings, and the authors of the creations read their favorite poems out loud to the public.

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